What To Do If My Dog Eats Too Fast: How Can Training Help?

While some animals pick slowly at their food and enjoy the ride, many feel they need to rush through meal time and eat as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, fast-eating dogs put themselves at risk of bloat, vomiting, and severe sickness.

Those risks make many pet owners panic and ask themselves, “what can I do if my dog eats too fast?” Though the issue might seem out of your hands, you can use several ways to curb your dog’s dinner-time behavioral issues.

The Dan Gentile Dog Training Center, the essential dog training program in Howell Township, NJ, is the most effective way to turn your fast eaters into slow feeders. Our team knows how to get through to dogs of all personalities and teach them new behaviors through positive reinforcement and training. However, there are a few DIY tips that can also help.

Divide Food Portions into Smaller, More Frequent Meals

Dogs that eat only one meal per day often eat quicker than those receiving two or three portions because they’re starving by the time they receive their food. So, if you’re feeding your dog once daily, try cutting their meal size in half. Then, feed them twice per day, once in the morning and once at night.

That way, your dog eats the same amount. However, you’ll reduce their hunger and time between meals.

Purchase a Slow Feeder Food Bowl

If you’ve tried giving your pet multiple portions and are still screaming, “my dog eats too fast; how can I slow them down?” 

Slow feeder food bowls create a small, circular trough that’s big enough for dogs to reach into and eat. Yet, they’re not so big that they can open their mouths wide and swallow everything in one bite. 

Slow feeders limit the pace at which your pet can eat. You can also create your own with the same design. All you need to do is place a small bowl upside down in your dog’s standard food bowl.

Purchase a Food Puzzle Bowl

Food puzzles are similar to slow feeders but with a slightly different, more intricate design. They create a maze within the food bowl. That is, they position too many obstacles for your dog to eat everything immediately. 

Food puzzles are slightly more effective at promoting a healthy eating pace than traditional slow feeders. However, they are more challenging to make yourself.

Hand Feed Your Dog

Are store-bought or DIY food bowls not slowing your dog down? Are you still asking, “What can I do if my dog eats too fast?” If so, you can slow their eating pace by hand-feeding them. 

By hand-feeding, you offer your dog small spoonfuls of wet food or a handful of kibble. As a result, you slow them down by controlling their portions.The best way to slow your dog down is with training from The Dan Gentile Dog Training Center. Call The Dan Gentile Dog Training Center today at (732)-938-5040 to enroll your dog in behavioral lessons. We can also help you learn more about the types of calming food for your pet dog.