Does Raw Meat Make Your Dogs Aggressive?

Every dog owner wants a well-behaved dog that isn’t overly aggressive. However, many New Jersey residents believe feeding their dog raw meat will increase their aggression and cause behavior changes. So, does raw meat make dogs aggressive? To answer this age-old question, Dan Gentile Dog Training Center created a short guide explaining how raw meat […]

Three Fun & Easy Dog Tricks for Beginners You Can Do at Home

Teaching your dog a few new tricks is a great way to impress your friends and family while giving you quality time with your four-legged companion. However, many novice dog owners don’t know which commands to start with or how to train their canines correctly. That’s why Dan Gentile Dog Training Center put together a […]

Should You Play Tug-of-War With Your Dog?

Dog owners may wonder whether playing tug-of-war with their dogs is okay. Some people hesitate after hearing the myth that this game causes dogs to be more aggressive, especially if they start playing it as a puppy. However, it’s a great way to bond with your pup as long as you know the correct way […]

How To Muzzle Train a Dog

Muzzles help dogs of all shapes and sizes learn one key skill: obedience. This single skill will prevent your dog from attacking others, but it starts with learning how to train your dog to take a muzzle. Allowing them to grow accustomed to the muzzle gets the best results, but that involves some expert help […]

How To Help a Fearful Dog Gain Confidence

We love our pets. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes and share their unique personalities with their owners and the world. While it’s best to celebrate dogs of all kinds, some canine behavioral traits, like anxiety and fear, trouble owners and pets alike, causing stress and suffering. Anxiety training for dogs can help your […]

Why Does My Dog Growl at One Family Member?

Dogs are loyal, protective animals. When they sense that something is wrong, they’ll often start growling. Sometimes, dogs will direct their aggression toward a single family member. When that happens, you might wonder, “Why does my dog growl at one family member?” As a professional dog trainer in NJ, The Dan Gentile Dog Training Center shares the factors […]

How to Train a Dog for Agility

Unlike basic obedience training, which teaches your dog how to behave around the house and in public, agility training sharpens your dog’s body and mind. As a fun and beneficial hobby for both you and your pet, agility training strengthens bones and joints, helps prevent obesity, and keeps your dog active and engaged. While professional […]

How to Train a Puppy to Walk on a Leash

Few things in life bring as much joy and excitement as starting a new life with your very own puppy. However, it’s crucial that you teach your new best friend certain behaviors early on. You want to avoid future issues, so you need to understand how to train a puppy to walk on a leash. […]

How to Read Dog Body Language

Just like you can tell the emotions of a close friend or family member by their body language, your dog can show how they’re feeling with different characteristics. Learning how to read dog body language doesn’t take a lot of effort, with many of their behaviors obvious and easy to see. Find out how you […]

How to Calm Down a Hyperactive Dog: Five Tips

Dog owners love their fur babies, but some pets have such high activity levels that they wear their owners out. Instead of pulling your hair out, learning how to calm down a hyperactive dog can help you build a relationship with your pet and head off their energetic behavior. From changes in your daily schedule […]

Can Dogs Recognize Shapes? What You Need to Know

When your dog brings you his toy or fetches sticks in your yard, you may wonder what they can really see and understand. Seeing the world through your dog’s eyes takes a little imagination and a better understanding of how their senses work together. If you wonder, “Can dogs recognize shapes?” taking a look at […]

How to Use Dog Training Treats the Right Way

Training your dog requires work on both your part and your dog’s part. Using treats during the training process can make your dog more attentive and happy. Knowing how to use dog training treats the right way makes training more effective. A treat acts as an incentive for your dog to motivate them to learn […]

How to Get Your Dog to Play and Socialize With Other Dogs

Have you wondered how to get your dog to play with other dogs without drama? Owning a dog is one of the best experiences, but it is frustrating seeing your dog refusing to play nicely with others. Any good pet owner wants their dog to be happy, so it’s disappointing to see concerning behavior. Why […]

How to Keep Your Dogs From Fighting & Safely Break Up Fights

Precocious pups can go from playful to aggressive in a moment. As a pet owner, you need to know how to keep dogs from fighting at home so you and your canines can live in peace. Turn to the most trusted dog training experts in NJ if you experience issues with dog fights or other aggressive behaviors. […]

10 Common Hand Signals for Dog Training & How to Teach Them

Owning a dog can bring you immeasurable joy, but these loyal companions also require a lot of work, especially if you get a puppy. Effective training can make your dog ownership significantly less stressful and more enjoyable. While you can employ several techniques to train your pet, dog training experts understand how best to teach your dog […]

Do Dogs Naturally Know How to Swim? Are Dogs Born Swimmers?

If you live near natural bodies of water or have a pool, it’s essential to make your dog comfortable with the water. After all, it’s likely you’ll want to take your pooch to enjoy waterfront activities like swimming, boating, or paddleboarding. While some dogs seem to have a natural affinity for the water, others peril […]

Training a New Puppy: How Soon Should You Start?

Puppies are fun companions to have around—especially when they have completed their training. However, many dog owners are still at a loss on when they can start training a new puppy. How soon is too soon? When is it safe to go beyond just housebreaking puppies? We’ll cover the details in this article. Start Training […]

My Dog Follows Me Everywhere & Stares at Me—What Do I Do?

Most owners have, at some point, found their dogs to be a bit too attached to them. For some dogs, it’s a phase that passes fairly quickly. For others, it’s a daily occurrence. As a dog owner, the last thing you need is your dog following you around when you’re trying to get ready for […]

How Long Does It Take To Potty Train A Dog?

When your cute new puppy pees all over the house, you might wonder, “How long does it take to potty train a dog?” Puppies can be difficult to train and are playful, energetic, and sometimes unruly. The time it will take to potty train your pup depends on age, attention span, and physical ability to […]

How to Stop Dog from Jumping on People: A Short Guide

Does your dog get excited when you have company and jump on people when greeting them? Some people may welcome your pet’s energy and excitement, but it is not always appropriate or desired behavior, especially for a child or older individual who can fall over. This short guide will inform you on how to stop […]

Why You Should Be Aware of the Signs of Alpha Dog Behavior

Like humans, dogs come with many different personalities and behaviors. Factors like size, breed, and environment can all shape a dog’s personality. Regardless of the species, some dogs exhibit common signs of alpha dog behavior.  Some dogs quickly follow their master’s rules and commands, while some are more dominant and rebellious. While all dogs can […]

Dogs Imprinting on Humans: Know the Signs

Dogs’ imprinting or bonding with humans is essential to the pet-owner relationship and may last a lifetime. Your dog’s imprinting promises an impactful bond and ensures you and your dog are lifelong friends.  Our professionals at Dan Gentile’s Dog Training Center can teach you what a dog’s imprinting means and what signs to look for […]

Why Do Dogs Dig? Understanding Your Pet’s Behavior

We love our furry companions, but sometimes their canine behavior leaves us frustrated and confused. One destructive behavior that plenty of dogs display is the act of digging.  Dealing with holes in your yard alone can be frustrating. Unfortunately, sometimes dogs dig in gardens. Worst still, they can dig under a fence and escape. Let’s […]

5 Tips for First Time Dog Owners

You can’t deny that a bond between a human and a dog can be powerful. Welcoming a new puppy into your life can be a tremendous joy as you’ll gain a loyal companion who is always there for you.  However, first-time dog owners often don’t realize the many responsibilities of raising a dog. Besides house […]

Know What to Do If Your Dog Bites You

We love our dogs, but no matter how close you are to your furry canine friend, they may suddenly bite you. Sometimes they can be accidental bites, such as your dog accidentally biting you when you’re playing or feeding them. Other times, however, a bite can signify aggressive behavior. The first step in knowing what […]

What Are Dogs Scared of: Common Phobias and Fears

We sometimes think of fears and phobias as solely human traits. However, many animals, including dogs, can display fearful behavior. Signs of fear often include trembling, excessive barking, cowering, and even displaying destructive or aggressive behavior. Many dog owners ask, “What are dogs scared of?” This blog will explore some common dog phobias and fears. […]

5 Things to Do When Dog Keeps Peeing in House

Pet owners know how hard it is to housebreak a dog. However, if your dog keeps peeing in the house, these five simple tips and this effective dog housebreaking training guide from The Dan Gentile Dog Training Center will help with the house training. Reward Over Consequence Young pups respond better to positive reinforcement than […]

What To Do If My Dog Eats Too Fast: How Can Training Help?

While some animals pick slowly at their food and enjoy the ride, many feel they need to rush through meal time and eat as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, fast-eating dogs put themselves at risk of bloat, vomiting, and severe sickness. Those risks make many pet owners panic and ask themselves, “what can I do if […]

5 Healthy Foods for Calming Anxious Dogs Naturally

Top 5 List of Naturally Calming Food For Dogs When we eat well, we sleep better, have more energy, experience less stress, and feel better overall. The same thing applies to your fur family, who depend.on you to keep them healthy. As a dog owner, you want to help your pets lead happy, stress-free lives. […]

Why Dogs Like to Chew and How to Manage Destructive Chewing

Short Guide to Why Dogs Like To Chew As a pet owner, you know that maintaining dental health is critical to your companion’s overall well-being. You know that bringing a new dog home can come with some behavior issues, but chewing does not have to be one of them and can, in fact, be beneficial. […]

The Top Five Most Stubborn Dog Breeds to Train

It’s no secret that some dog breeds are more stubborn than others. The most stubborn dog breeds can be especially challenging to train. Luckily, if your dog is a more independent or stubborn breed, it’s still possible to curb unwanted actions and reinforce positive behavior. Stubborn breeds need an experienced dog handler. These dogs are […]

How Doggy Training Can Curb Dog Behavior Problems

Curbing dog behavior problems early on is essential to a well-behaved pup. Most problematic behavior in dogs stems from anxiety, fear, or pent-up energy. Chewing, barking, play-biting, and other behaviors may be a sign of stress or boredom. With dog training, no matter your dog’s age, you can reinforce good manners and stop unwanted behavior. […]

Debunking 5 Dog Training Myths That You Should Not Believe

Every pet owner knows the struggles of training. Dog training requires a significant amount of time and dedication. In addition, it can be challenging to navigate the hundreds of pet training tips and tricks. It’s essential to consider which tips are dog training myths and which are helpful. Howell Township’s trusted dog training services at […]

Are All Dogs Trainable: What You Need to Know

At some point, every dog owner wonders: are all dogs trainable? The short answer to that question is “yes,” but there’s much more you need to know before determining if your dog can be trained and, more importantly, the best method for preparing them. The Dan Gentile Dog Training Center understands that all dogs learn […]

Socialization For Your Pup

From six to fourteen weeks of age is a critical period in a puppy’s life. It is time to socialize your pup. If a puppy is deprived of socialization, he will grow up fearful of humans and never be well adjusted. This is the time to introduce him to various environments and people. Introduce him […]

Housebreaking Your Puppy

There’s no such thing as an almost housebroken dog, Either he is or he isn’t. When a dog is housebroken he never uses the house for his toilet. Let me say a few words about “paper training”. Puppies learn by association. If you allow him to do his duties in the house on paper you […]