Why Does My Dog Lick Me Excessively? 3 Surprising Reasons

Why Does My Dog Lick Me Excessively?

As a dog owner, there’s nothing that bonds you and your pup quite like having them give you licks and kisses. However, this behavior could be worrisome, especially if it’s constant. This begs the question: Why does my dog lick me excessively?

Discover the answer in this helpful guide from the leading canine training center in NJ. Learn the various reasons why dogs lick their owners and what to do if it becomes a problem.

Understand Your Dog’s Needs and Address Them 

Dogs can’t talk to you, so they must communicate in other ways. Greeting you with some licks isn’t cause for concern, but if they don’t stop licking you, it’s time to evaluate the reason why and address it.

Some dogs do this behavior for stress relief. Rather than letting them continue to lick, it’s best to figure out the source of your dog’s stress or anxiety and correct it. Working with a professional dog trainer can help you identify certain triggers for your dog and overcome unwanted behaviors.

Reasons Why Dogs Lick Their Owners

If you ask a professional trainer, “Why does my dog lick me excessively?” they’ll pinpoint several possible reasons behind the behavior. Below is a breakdown of common reasons why dogs lick their owners so much.

They’re Showing Affection

If you do a good job of taking care of your dog, they’ll form a bond with you and want to show you affection. An instinctive way they show affection is through licking, though you can ignore the behavior and instead praise them if they lean against you to change the way they show their love.

They Want Attention

Attention-seeking dogs often lick preoccupied owners to get their way. Recognize that your dog wants your full attention and try to stimulate them so they aren’t bored.

They Feel Stressed

Just like humans seek comfort while under stress, dogs need to find an outlet for their own anxiety and stress. This could result in them licking you for longer than you’d prefer. If your dog exhibits any signs of separation anxiety and won’t stop licking your skin once they see you, take it as a sign that your pup needs stress relief.

They can self-soothe with the help of licking mats smeared with peanut butter rather than latching onto you.

They Like Your Scent

Excessive licking doesn’t necessarily mean the dog is grooming you; they could simply have a taste preference that draws them to your skin. This becomes especially apparent if you have any traces of food left around your face or fingers that the dog wants to consume.

It’s great if your dog enjoys your scent, but to avoid excessive licking, you can try washing your hands before playing with your dog.

Enroll Your Dog in Professional Canine Training

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