Debunking 5 Dog Training Myths That You Should Not Believe

Debunking 5 Dog Training Myths That You Should Not Believe

Every pet owner knows the struggles of training. Dog training requires a significant amount of time and dedication. In addition, it can be challenging to navigate the hundreds of pet training tips and tricks.

It’s essential to consider which tips are dog training myths and which are helpful. Howell Township’s trusted dog training services at The Dan Gentile Dog Training Center can help you separate fact from fiction. Below are the most common dog training myths that you shouldn’t believe.

1.   My Dog Is Too Young to Train

One of the most common dog training myths is that it can be too early to train a dog.

Even though puppies have plenty of growing to do, they learn new things every day. Dogs use their senses of hearing, taste, feeling, and smell to learn about their environment.

Training your puppy as soon as you bring it home gives you a head start on obedience training. However, it is essential to have reasonable expectations since they are still young. Being patient with your puppy is critical for having a positive training experience.

2.   You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”—a tale as old as time. While some pet owners think it’s too early to train their puppies, others believe it’s too late to train their senior dogs.

Breaking an older dog’s poor behavior is indeed more challenging than correcting a puppy’s behavior. However, even older dogs learn new things every day. With patience and dedication, you can teach your old dog a new trick.

3.   My Puppy’s Bad Behavior Is Just a Phase

Many homeowners believe that their puppy will eventually outgrow their bad behavior. However, your puppy learns by doing, which means they will try anything until told otherwise.

Addressing your puppy’s problematic behavior early on will teach them how to behave as they grow up. When training your puppy, remember that positive reinforcement is more effective than constantly yelling “No!”

4.   Online Videos Have All of the Information I Need

These days, we rely on YouTube for various types of instructional videos. Unfortunately, many pet owners rely on online videos for pet training instructions. Although you can find helpful tips, YouTube videos can’t train your dog.

Accredited dog trainers have the unique knowledge and skills needed for proper obedience training. In addition, professional trainers will give your pup love and attention that YouTube videos can’t provide.

5.   Putting My Dog’s Nose in Their Accidents Is a Legitimate Training Technique

One of the most critical dog training myths to avoid is this one. Shoving your dog’s nose in their accidents is not only mean, but also teaches them that they can’t trust you.

Professional training sessions are the best way to ensure your dog receives proper behavioral training. The training program for dogs from The Dan Gentile Dog Training Center will address all of your pup’s bad behaviors in a positive and fun atmosphere. Call us at (732) 938-5040 to learn more!