How to Calm Down a Hyperactive Dog: Five Tips

Dog owners love their fur babies, but some pets have such high activity levels that they wear their owners out. Instead of pulling your hair out, learning how to calm down a hyperactive dog can help you build a relationship with your pet and head off their energetic behavior. From changes in your daily schedule to professional dog training in NJ, learn how to calm your dog down in the proper ways.

Five Tips for Calming Down a Hyperactive Dog

Some great methods for calming your dog down include:

1. Daily Exercise

Dogs experiencing a lack of exercise often engage in hyperactive behavior. Taking your dog for daily walks and engaging in a few minutes of playtime can offset excess energy, making it easier for your fur baby to calm down and relax with you at home.

Some ways you can help your pet burn off some energy include:

Playing fetch or chase games in your yard

Placing your pet in a training or play class

Taking them to a dog park that doesn’t require a leash

2. Indoor Toys

Even with outside time, your pet’s energy may still need somewhere to go. Some dogs express hyperactivity by chewing up shoes, clothes, or children’s toys, causing anger and resentment that may eventually lead to getting rid of your pet. Instead of letting it get to that point, introduce indoor chew toys made of rubber, rope, or plastic to help them get their energy out.

3. Calming Treats

Another method how to calm down a hyperactive dog includes introducing calming treats to your pet. Dog treats containing soothing ingredients like chamomile, Valerian root, and hemp can help your pet relax, relieving zooming mental activity that makes them act out. Make sure to consult with your vet to make sure you use approved calming treats.

4. Establish a Routine

Creating a routine that your dog can follow with you tells your pet when to expect to spend their energy. For example, if you set a certain time of day aside for playtime or daily walks, your dog will eventually understand that they can get excited around a specific stretch of time. This lessens the chance that they’ll become hyperactive when they shouldn’t.

5. Dog Training

Lastly, one of the easiest ways to calm your dog down consists of taking them to dog training. Your pet will learn how to respond to your cues, making it easy for you to better control their behavior and calm them down with a word or signal.

Learn More About Dog Behavior with the Dan Gentile Dog Training Center in New Jersey

When trying to figure out how to calm down a hyperactive dog, many pet owners can become frustrated, while their pet doesn’t understand their reaction to their activity levels. Instead of allowing resentment and frustration to build, you can learn everything from command training to how to get your dog to socialize with other dogs safely. Call the Dan Gentile Dog Training Center in New Jersey at (732) 938-5040 to learn more about professional dog training.