How to Get Your Dog to Play and Socialize With Other Dogs

Have you wondered how to get your dog to play with other dogs without drama? Owning a dog is one of the best experiences, but it is frustrating seeing your dog refusing to play nicely with others. Any good pet owner wants their dog to be happy, so it’s disappointing to see concerning behavior.

Why not look at options like The Dan Gentile Dog Training Center in NJ? Below, these experts explain why your dog acts out and what to do about it.

The Top Causes of Antisocial Behavior in Dogs

Dogs can struggle with socializing for several different reasons. Like people, these animals may experience traumatic events involving other dogs that scar them. They may also lack socialization if they were isolated from their peers at a young age in favor of their human masters.

Other factors include your dog’s breed and maturity level. However, all young puppies and adult dogs can learn how to socialize with the right approach. Don’t give up; it’s never too late to correct your loyal pet’s antisocial behavior around other dogs.

Easy Ways to Teach Your Dog How to Socialize

Teaching your dog how to act around other dogs doesn’t have to be difficult. Start with these three training exercises:

Establish the Importance of Obedience

Does your dog respect you as an authority figure? That’s the reason many people teach a pet how to sit, heel, go down, and stay. If they see you as the boss, they will respond to your voice when you call so that you don’t have to run around the dog park after them.

Try implementing a “settle” command to reign your pet in. It calms them down and redirects them toward a desired, safe location.

Control Any Aggressive Behavior

Learning the signs of dog-to-dog aggression is crucial. Certain body movements matter, such as staring, snarling, and snapping at other dogs. You should also be vigilant in certain situations, like other dogs approaching your pet uninvited or another dog barking at them from behind a fence.

Reigning in aggressive, hostile behavior is a key part of how to get your dog to play with other dogs without feeling threatened.

Stop Rough Play

Some forms of rough play may seem normal to pet owners that don’t know any better. However, you should shut down any rough play that you observe in your pet. If they become overstimulated or too excited, step in and remind your dog that the behavior isn’t acceptable.

Other Professional Dog Trainer Tips in Howell Township, NJ

  • Choose a neutral location for dog play dates, such as parks or fields.
  • Prevent dog fights by not allowing rough play.
  • Visit a great dog training center for professional help.

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