How To Muzzle Train a Dog

Muzzles help dogs of all shapes and sizes learn one key skill: obedience. This single skill will prevent your dog from attacking others, but it starts with learning how to train your dog to take a muzzle. Allowing them to grow accustomed to the muzzle gets the best results, but that involves some expert help in how to muzzle train a dog properly.

Thankfully, The Dan Gentile Dog Training Center in NJ has put together a short guide below with everything you need to know about muzzle training. The team specializes in top-quality dog training so that you can help your furry companion understand how to behave appropriately in any situation.

How To Muzzle Train Your Dog Like a Professional

Dogs don’t volunteer to wear a muzzle right away, and almost all of them will need professional training to feel safe enough to use the device. Muzzles lower aggression in dogs and prevent them from lashing out in public, so they’re well worth the effort.

There are four basic steps for how to muzzle train a dog: introduce it, add a strap, secure the muzzle, and then wear it routinely. So, before you put a muzzle on your dog, ensure you’ve introduced the muzzle in a safe setting as follows:

  • Place a treat inside the muzzle.
  • Hold it in front of your dog until they take the treat.
  • Repeat this several times over numerous days while placing the treat further into the muzzle each time. Eventually, they will feel comfortable placing their face inside the muzzle.

Once your dog has accepted the muzzle in this way, take the treat out of the muzzle. After they place their face inside it, give the dog the treat while the muzzle is in place.

Strap Introduction and Securing the Muzzle Are Essential

Once your dog feels comfortable entering the muzzle, you can slowly introduce them to the straps.

  • Lift the straps over their ears after they enter the device but don’t fasten them. You want them to get used to the feeling of the straps before you fully secure the muzzle.
  • Give them a treat.
  • Repeat the process for several days or weeks, if necessary.

Is your dog used to the straps? Secure them, and reward your companion with a treat. Then, slowly remove the straps while keeping your dog calm.

The More Your Dog Wears the Muzzle, The Better

Once secured, leave the muzzle on your dog for short periods of time until they don’t mind wearing the device. You should also gradually increase the time in the muzzle, putting it on before walks or going out in public until wearing it becomes second nature.

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