How to Teach a Puppy to Fetch – A Guide for Dog Owners

How To Teach a Puppy To Fetch

Dogs love chasing balls or toys and bringing them back to you for another throw. Playing fetch not only bonds you with your dog but also gives them plenty of exercise. If you have a puppy at home, they won’t automatically know how to fetch.

This brief guide explains how to teach a puppy to fetch so you and your pooch can enjoy this timeless game together. For more expert tips, bring your dog to The Dan Gentile Dog Training Center. You won’t find a better puppy training center in New Jersey where dogs and their owners learn key skills.

Gather Supplies in an Enclosed Space

Teaching your dog to play fetch requires a few supplies. Grab a ball or their favorite toy, plus a few small treats you’ll use to reward your dog as they learn the command. Bring your dog to a small, enclosed space like a bedroom or fenced-in yard so they can’t wander off.

Throw the Item and Encourage Your Dog To Return It

Once the environment is ready, get your dog excited to play by showing off the ball or toy. Throw it a short distance and watch your dog run to grab it. It’s then time to work on having your pooch bring the item back to you.

New dog owners wondering how to teach a puppy to fetch must follow these tips during the training process:

  • Repeat a command: Every time you want your puppy to bring back the ball, use the same word like “come” or “bring.”
  • Provide rewards: A huge part of taking care of a dog is showing them love and affection, especially when they follow commands. Small treats, pets, or belly rubs reward your dog for their task.
  • Stay positive: Puppies respond best to positive reinforcement instead of scolding. Keep a positive attitude, and the dog will learn to fetch much quicker.

Teach the Drop Command

Along with bringing the toy back, puppies need to learn how to drop it. Repeat the word “drop” while holding the ball in the dog’s mouth. When they eventually release it, reward them with a treat.

Repeat the Process

Patience is critical while teaching a young dog to play fetch. Devote several minutes each day to training them by repeating the steps above. As your puppy gets familiar with the commands, you can start increasing the distance of your throws.

In no time, you’ll have a playful puppy who understands how to fetch a ball and bring it back to you.

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