How to Use Dog Training Treats the Right Way

Training your dog requires work on both your part and your dog’s part. Using treats during the training process can make your dog more attentive and happy.

Knowing how to use dog training treats the right way makes training more effective. A treat acts as an incentive for your dog to motivate them to learn and perform new tricks. You can improve your dog’s behavior without the hassle by sending them to The Dan Gentile Dog Training Center, a leading dog training center in NJ.

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How to Use Dog Training Treats

Dog training treats make it easy to teach your dog new tricks and behaviors. With the right methods and tools, getting your dog to follow your commands and behave just takes time and patience.

Using Treats to Lure

You can use treats to lure your dog into the motion of the behavior. For example, holding a treat in your hand and moving it from in front of the dog’s nose to behind its head causes them to point its snout upwards and usually results in them sitting. This teaches them the sitting motion in a natural way.

You can also use treats to lure dogs into tricks such as jumping, rolling over, and lying down. Guiding your dog into motion with the treat makes the movement natural and reinforces positive behaviors.

Giving Treats as a Reward

A reward for good behavior creates positive reinforcement and motivates your dog to listen to the command. Provide the treat immediately following the action so your dog can develop an association between the behavior and the reward. Once your dog has a firm grasp on the commands or behaviors, you can phase out the use of treats by only providing a treat occasionally.

Concealing Treats

During training, concealing the treats until the dog performs the action ensures they continue the behavior even without treats. Keeping the treats in plain view means your dog may only behave when they can see the treat in the future. Try to hide the treats and keep them concealed in your hand or pocket until they perform the action.

Choosing the Right Treats

Knowing how to buy the right dog training treats ensures your dog stays healthy and happy. Check the ingredient labels for natural options and look for low-calorie treats.

Small pieces of cooked chicken, cheese, hot dogs, or liver serve as an excellent choice for high-value treats if your dog seems less motivated by their normal rewards. Remember to give your dog all things in moderation and monitor their calorie intake.

Professional Dog Training Services

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