Know What to Do If Your Dog Bites You

We love our dogs, but no matter how close you are to your furry canine friend, they may suddenly bite you. Sometimes they can be accidental bites, such as your dog accidentally biting you when you’re playing or feeding them.

Other times, however, a bite can signify aggressive behavior. The first step in knowing what to do if your dog bites you is to remain calm.

This guide will explore various reasons why a dog might bite you. Effective dog training in Howell, NJ, can also help prevent dog bites.


Common Reasons Why a Dog Bites

Knowing what to do if your dog bites you starts with determining why your dog bit you. Some common reasons include:

  • They’re still a puppy: Mouthing is very common for puppies up to six months old. These puppies are still used to teething and may do small bites to explore.
  • Prey drive: Sometimes dogs and puppies get too excited when you play with them, leading to prey drive. As a result, your dog might accidentally bite you. If so, it’s time to choose a different game to play with your dog.
  • Maternal reasons: If you have a mother dog taking care of her puppies, you should exercise extra caution. Maternal instinct can quickly take over, causing a mother dog to bite you. Instead, give your dog time with her puppies before approaching.
  • Your dog is fearful: Like humans, dogs can be afraid, and it’s not uncommon for dogs to bite when they’re scared. For example, dogs that previously experienced abuse or abandonment may have lingering trauma.
  • Your dog is in pain: Unfortunately, our dogs can’t tell us when they’re in pain, but a sudden bite may indicate this. If you notice your dog tries to bite you when you touch them all of a sudden, you should visit the vet.

Three Signs a Dog Is About to Bite

Three signs a dog is about to bite include:

  1. A dog avoids eye contact or displays “whale eyes.”
  2. A dog’s body is stiffly wagging its tail with its hair raised.
  3. A dog is growling or showing its teeth.


What to Do After the Bite

Following a dog bite, there are some precautions you should take. First, thoroughly clean the bite wound with a clean cloth and monitor any signs of infection. If your dog isn’t current with its rabies vaccinations, visit your doctor.

Next, it’s essential to pinpoint the cause of the bite and ensures it doesn’t happen again. Even if you have a loving partnership with your dog, you can put strangers’ lives at risk.

For issues like maternal instinct or pain, time or a trip to the vet may correct the problem. However, aggressive behavior, lingering mouthing habits, etc., may require a behavioralist dog specialist.


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