5 Things to Do When Dog Keeps Peeing in House

Pet owners know how hard it is to housebreak a dog. However, if your dog keeps peeing in the house, these five simple tips and this effective dog housebreaking training guide from The Dan Gentile Dog Training Center will help with the house training.

Reward Over Consequence

Young pups respond better to positive reinforcement than scoldings or punishments. Therefore, rather than getting mad when your dog keeps peeing in the house, reward them for the times they do make it outside.

When you give your dog a treat every time they urinate outside, they’ll learn that going outside is the right thing to do. You can stop giving them treats once they grow up and fully resolve the behavioral issue. By then, these habits will be second nature to them.

Keep a Close Eye on Them

Puppies don’t know there’s a right and wrong place to relieve themselves. However, if you bring them outside enough times, they’ll think of grassy areas as their bathroom. Soon, they won’t want to go indoors.

Unfortunately, this method requires you to watch over your puppy like a hawk. Yet, placing them outside when they begin looking for a place to pee will quickly curb their housebreaking issues.

Introduce Your Dog to Every Room in the House

A common reason young dogs urinate indoors is that they don’t view the space as their own. Dogs pee to mark their territory, and more importantly, they urinate in spots where they don’t spend much time. So, they don’t think they’ll inconvenience themselves by dirtying that area.

If you spend time with your dog in every part of your home, they’ll start viewing the space as their own and won’t want to pee there anymore. This strategy is one of the quickest training methods if your dog keeps peeing in the house. All it takes is a couple of hours playing in each room to keep your pup from treating it as a toilet.

Eliminate Indoor Urine Stains and Odors

Avoiding inappropriate urination when you have a young dog is impossible. Yet, you can easily limit repeat offenses in the same spots.

Dogs are more likely to urinate in places they’ve gone before because their instincts tell them it’s safe. However, if you remove the urine scent and stain, they won’t be able to track that location.

Similarly, if your dog has a designated pee spot outside, they’re more likely to return if they can track the odor.

Set Up Professional House Training

Getting a young pup to learn anything can be a time-consuming challenge. Most of us can’t train our dog without suffering through a few accidents first.

Luckily, The Dan Gentile Dog Training Center knows how to get through to young animals. We can help if your dog keeps peeing in the house.

Call The Dan Gentile Dog Training Center today at (732)-938-5040 to enroll your dog in house training. We’ll also help you learn more about the reasons behind your dog’s destructive chewing.