What to Do With a Bored Dog | Expert Tips to Entertain Dogs

What To Do With a Bored Dog: Expert Tips

After coming home from a long workday, you want to put your feet up and relax. However, your four-legged friend has other plans. A mess and a wagging tail greet you.

Your dog’s boredom resulted in destructive behavior and an evening cleaning the mess. Are you at your wit’s end about what to do with a bored dog? The Dan Gentile Dog Training Center recommends the following tips to protect your home and foster proper canine training in NJ.

Why Do Dogs Get Bored?

Like other intelligent creatures, dogs need routine stimulation to spend their energy. Highly intelligent working breeds especially need plenty of diverse outlets, as humans created these breeds for working purposes. If they spend their time at home with no stimulating activities, they’ll use their energy to wreak havoc.

What To Do With a Bored Dog

You can transform your destructive pup into a well-rounded companion by introducing them to diverse activities and situations. Many of these remedies are affordable and accessible. Protect your belongings, enjoy some peace, and learn what to do with a bored dog below.

#1. Toy Rotation

When using toys as stimulation, aim for quality over quantity. Dogs with multiple toys can quickly become bored of all their belongings. Use a toy rotation system to keep your dog engaged with the toys currently available.

Once they show disinterest in their current collection, switch them out. The rotation makes all toys seem brand new.

#2. Puzzle Feeders and Treat Holders

Transform meal times into stimulating activities with puzzle feeders. Many products work with dry kibble and wet food. Food puzzles make your four-legged friend solve problems for meals.

You can also put edible treats into chew toys that hold tasty snacks. For example, spreading peanut butter into a Kong ball captures your dog’s attention while they lick the treat from the center.

#3. Socialization

Nothing beats consistent socialization opportunities. Dogs get to analyze new smells, learn how to interact with other animals, and spend their energy reserves playing with new friends. An occasional visit to a reputable doggy daycare can tucker your best fur buddy out for the day.

#4. Old Fashioned Exercise

Physical exercise is a required part of taking care of your pet dog. If you already take your dog for daily walks, consider finding a new route to enjoy. You can also participate in agility classes, which provide working breeds with the mental and physical stimulation they desperately need.

#5. Bond Over Training

Few activities strengthen the bond between you and your pup like training sessions. Your dog learns more about proper engagement with you and their surroundings. Plus, they receive enticing treats when they follow commands.

Take training courses to learn effective command techniques and allow your dog to socialize and focus.

Curb Fido’s Boredom With Training Courses at the Dan Gentile Dog Training Center

The certified trainers at The Dan Gentile Dog Training Center know how to handle doggy boredom, from how to play tug of war with your dog to the most effective commands. Call 732-938-5040 to learn what to do with a bored dog from our experts.