4 Impulse Control Games for Dogs To Boost Self-Discipline

4 Impulse Control Games for Dogs To Boost Self-Discipline

Dogs generally have little control over their impulses. They generally love to do whatever they want, whenever they want. The onus lies on you as the owner to teach them how to control their impulses and generally behave better in most situations.

The leading providers of canine training in NJ cover four easy impulse control games for dogs in this post.

1. Red Light, Green Light

This game helps stop your dog from pulling the leash when you go out on a walk. To play the game, leash your dog and take them out for a walk along a familiar path. Stop suddenly while saying, “Red Light,” clearly and firmly.

The dog will try to continue walking at first. Ignore them and then wait for them to stop tugging at the leash. When you’re ready to resume walking, say, “Green Light.”

2. Wait for Dinner

This dog impulse control game teaches patience. To play the game, put some food in your dog’s bowl and hold it at hip height or higher. Say, “Wait,” and then slowly lower the bowl a bit. Reward your dog with a treat and some praise if they don’t lunge at the bowl.

Increase the difficulty by lowering the bowl a bit further until the dog can wait for you to say “Go” before eating—even with the bowl already set down in front of them.

3. Leave It

This is one of the best impulse control games for dogs. It helps to teach your dog to resist temptation and focus on you. To play the game, you’ll need a mix of high-value and low-value treats. Scatter the low-value treats like kibble on the floor, and then hold a high-value treat like a hot dog in a closed fist near the ground.

If the dog tries to go for the high-value treat by licking your hand, say, “Leave it,” in a firm, calm voice. Reward your dog when they look away from the high-value treat, praise them, and give them the treat from your hand.

4. Eyes on Me

Taking regular walks is one of the benefits of having a dog. However, when your dog is over-excited, the walks can be more stressful.

“Eyes on Me” is an excellent game for dogs that teaches them to remain calm when they see any exciting or scary things during a walk. It’s another good game for leash-reactive or hyper-aggressive dogs. The game is simple: take the dog on a walk with some treats.

When you notice them losing focus due to a specific object, another animal, or a person, click to get them to look at you and reward them with a treat when they do.

If they don’t turn toward you and remain fixated on the distracting objects, don’t give them any treats.

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