Why Dogs Like to Chew and How to Manage Destructive Chewing

Short Guide to Why Dogs Like To Chew

As a pet owner, you know that maintaining dental health is critical to your companion’s overall well-being. You know that bringing a new dog home can come with some behavior issues, but chewing does not have to be one of them and can, in fact, be beneficial.

At The Dan Gentle Dog Training Center, we help pets and their human companions develop healthy behaviors and habits. This blog discusses why dogs like to chew and what to do when you notice any potentially destructive chewing habits.

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Why Dogs Like to Chew

Even if you have experience raising and training dogs, some dog behaviors may still seem confusing or unclear. Chewing has many causes, some of which could be concerning. If you want to understand why your dog chews so much, consider these common reasons dogs gnaw and crunch on objects.

Reason #1: Primal Instincts

Not all chewing signifies a problem. Dogs in the wild instinctively chew and gnaw objects like bone and wood. This natural behavior cleans and sharpens teeth while providing stress relief.

In home settings, many domesticated dog breeds maintain similar instincts as their wild counterparts. Absent any external or internal stressors, your dog may still chew on objects like toys, bones, sticks, and, unfortunately, shoes. To prevent chewing on valuable objects, keep those objects out of your dog’s reach and supply plenty of chew toys to keep your puppy happy.

Reason #2: Boredom

Many dog breeds, especially those known for high energy, require cognitive stimulation and regular play to maintain a happy, healthy lifestyle. If your dog seems to be chewing more often than usual and becomes inactive for long periods of time, boredom may be the root of the issue.

To reduce boredom-related chewing habits, ensure your canine gets plenty of exercise and frequent play sessions. Consider visits to local dog parks, doggy play dates, and more to help keep your pup moving.

Reason #3: Tooth Pain

Dental health and development also contribute to why dogs like to chew.

During growth, your puppy will likely enter a teething stage. During this time, the dog develops their complete set of adult teeth. This process can cause discomfort and pain for them, leading to excessive chewing.

To help your dog during teething or tooth-related pain, get regular dental checkups and ask your vet for recommendations on medicines and more.

Find Expert Behavioral Training for Dogs

Destructive chewing can damage your property and your dog’s teeth. One way to help curb this behavior involves training your dog and learning the steps to reduce anxiety by listening to your canine friend’s needs.

Now that you know why dogs like to chew, learn more on how dog training can help bad dog behavior by giving us a call. Reach out to The Dan Gentle Dog Training Center at 732-938-5040 today.