How To Help a Fearful Dog Gain Confidence

We love our pets. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes and share their unique personalities with their owners and the world. While it’s best to celebrate dogs of all kinds, some canine behavioral traits, like anxiety and fear, trouble owners and pets alike, causing stress and suffering.

Anxiety training for dogs can help your pet grow in confidence. Nervous and shy pets, through regular dog anxiety training, can thrive and shine.

The Dan Gentile Dog Training Center is your go-to dog training center in NJ. We’re here to explain how to help a fearful dog gain confidence.

Signs of Anxiety and Fear in Dogs

Recognizing anxiety and fear in your pet doesn’t have to be difficult. Below are a few tips for helping a fearful dog gain confidence.

Depressed Appearance

Shy dogs often look sad and distressed when exposed to frightening stimuli. They may shake or hide behind furniture and trees.

Troubling Noises

Anxious pets vocalize their concerns with loud barking, growling, and whining.

Aggressive Lunging

By lunging and nipping at humans and dogs alike, some fearful dogs confront their fear aggressively.

Causes of Fear in Dogs

If you’re keen on learning how to help a fearful dog gain confidence, recognizing the causes of fear and anxiety in your precious pet can go a long way toward getting the help they need.

As with humans, some dogs experience traumatic events that cause them terror. For instance, dogs attacked by other animals as puppies often grow up to fear and loathe other dogs and may lash out when you least expect it.

Finally, under-socialization, or a lack of proper social skills development during the early stages of a dog’s life, can have reverberating effects, even many years later. This is especially possible if you have a rescue animal with no documented history.

Tips for Helping a Dog Gain Confidence

Here are some easy-to-follow tips we recommend for helping your precious pet learn to love other dogs and people.

Calming Tools

Treats containing special ingredients like melatonin and Zylkene are great for calming dogs. Your dog may also benefit from a ThunderShirt or a special calming cover to help with chronic anxiety.

Behavioral Wellness Techniques

Your dog’s health depends on certain habits. Regular exercise releases pent-up stress and anxiety, while consistent playtime and stimulation may relieve their fear. Even the right dog food can help improve your dog’s mental state.

Dog Training

Anxious dog training excels at helping even the most troubled dogs gain a sense of confidence. By gradually habituating your dog to fear-provoking stimuli, they can grow in self-assuredness and learn to love being around other pets and people.

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