What Are Dogs Scared of: Common Phobias and Fears

We sometimes think of fears and phobias as solely human traits. However, many animals, including dogs, can display fearful behavior. Signs of fear often include trembling, excessive barking, cowering, and even displaying destructive or aggressive behavior.

Many dog owners ask, “What are dogs scared of?” This blog will explore some common dog phobias and fears. Sometimes, this guide to dog housebreaking training can help dogs overcome their fears.


Loud Noises Like Thunder

The fear of thunder is common among dogs, and this phobia even has a name— astraphobia. Besides thunder, many dogs become fearful when they hear fireworks, vacuums, and other similar loud noises.

A dog may start trembling, hiding, or even attempt running away after hearing a loud noise. Helping your dog get used to these loud noises can ensure they overcome these fears.


Fearing Men

Dogs can tell the difference between men and women, and it’s not uncommon for dogs to be afraid of men. Sometimes, a negative experience like a previous male owner abusing them triggers this fear.

Often, however, this fear stems from a lack of socialization. A dog not used to being around men may find their deeper voices, larger bodies, and facial hair scary. Frequent interactions with men can reduce or eliminate this fear.


The Fear of Strangers

Dogs typically bark at strangers to protect your home, even if the stranger in question is a harmless UPS driver. However, this aversion to strangers can also indicate a phobia of strangers.

A dog instantly barking at any stranger they see and taking a long time to become accustomed to a new face can cause issues. This fear can quickly trigger aggressive behavior, such as dog bites.


Fearing the Vet

When asking, “What are dogs scared of?” it’s no surprise that many dogs have an aversion to the vet.

A dog’s first veterinary experience typically consists of strange odors, vaccinations, being restrained and handled, being spayed or neutered, etc. However, a dog needs to be comfortable enough to visit a vet. Frequent trips that involve treats and friendly veterinarians can resolve this fear.


Car Rides

Many dogs love going for a car ride, but some dogs fear it. Most of the time, this phobia stems from bad experiences and lingering trauma, such as:

  • Car sicknesses
  • Riding in a car only to be abandoned at a shelter
  • Only going on car rides to visit the vet

Praising your dog, offering them treats, and taking them to happy places like the park can reinforce that car rides are good.


Separation Anxiety

Some dogs start incessantly barking or even display destructive behavior when their owner leaves. Changing behaviors when leaving home can help ease this fear.


Let Dan Gentile’s Dog Training Center Help

When asking, “What are dogs scared of?” many different reasons can pop up. Our team can help your dog overcome its fears and live a happier life.

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