Is It Okay for Puppies to Chew on Sticks? Risks and Tips

Is It Okay for Puppies To Chew on Sticks?

Do you keep finding shards of sticks after your puppy finishes chewing on them? You’re probably wondering, “Is it okay for puppies to chew on sticks?”

As a trusted provider of puppy training in New Jersey, the Dan Gentile Dog Training Center knows how to keep dogs of all ages safe. With 40 years of experience as a dog behaviorist, Dan Gentile can help you understand why dogs chew and good alternatives that don’t risk their safety.

Why Dogs Chew

Dogs chew for multiple reasons, many of them similar to why babies put things in their mouths. While teething, the pressure mitigates much of the process’s pain and discomfort. It can also serve as a way for puppies to gain sensory input and explore the world around them.

Each dog is different and thus develops various habits throughout their life. For adult dogs, chewing can act as a form of natural dental care, as it keeps their teeth clean and their jaw strong. Older dogs may also consider chewing a form of entertainment or mental stimulation.

The Benefits of Chewing

One reason dogs chew is because it imparts several benefits, such as the following:

  • Chewing helps dogs fulfill their evolutionary instinct to chew bones and obtain the marrow inside.
  • It can improve your furry friend’s dental health by scraping away tartar.
  • Chewing can help your dog relieve stress and anxiety and provides mental stimulation.
  • Gnawing can provide a basic level of exercise for your dog, especially if you use sticks for games like fetch.
  • If your dog has a fascination with eating sticks, you can use it as a training technique.

Potential Stick Chewing Dangers

Is it okay for puppies to chew on sticks? It can pose some serious danger to your puppy, so if you can find alternatives, prioritize those instead.

Small Pieces

The biggest risk for puppies chewing sticks is the chance for pieces to break off and damage their digestive system or cut their gums or tongue.


If a dog finds a stick from a tree treated with pesticides or other chemicals, the substances can make them sick and you may need to take them to the vet.

Dental Issues

While chewing can improve your dog’s teeth, overdoing it with a stick can wear away their teeth faster than normal.

Alternatives To Stick Chewing

Part of taking care of a dog includes keeping them safe, and you can provide better options for puppy chewing than a stick. Consider the following options:

  • Chew toys
  • Frozen marrow bones
  • Rubber toys

Substitute sticks for these safer alternatives.

Provide Quality Training for Your Pet

Now that you know the answer to, “Is it okay for puppies to chew on sticks?” you can take steps to keep your dog safe. At The Dan Gentile Dog Training Center, we specialize in training for all ages of dogs, including early puppy training. We have highly trained and certified trainers who can’t wait to meet your dog.

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