Should I Ignore My Dog Barking at Night?

People love their dogs, but it can be annoying when they bark at night. Excessive barking at night is a common nuisance and can interrupt a good night’s sleep. Dogs can bark for several reasons, so one question is: should I ignore my dog barking at night? After all, it might learn to stop after ignoring it, right?

It depends on what is actually wrong with the dog. The team at the Dan Gentile Dog Training Center is here with these common causes for dogs barking at night and what to do about it.

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Why Is My Dog Barking at Night?

Dogs bark at night for several reasons, some serious and others not so serious. Dogs might bark at night because they are scared, nervous, bored, or have to go to the bathroom. They also might be responding to sounds inside the house or movement outside the house.

Too Much Energy

Dogs are energetic creatures and can get bored and anxious if they have too much energy and no outlet. If your dog frequently barks at night, it might not be getting enough exercise and playtime during the day. Try increasing the amount of exercise your dog gets during the day, and it will be tired enough to sleep without distraction at night.


Many dogs, especially puppies, have poor bladder control and might need to go out at night to use the bathroom. Puppies, in particular, can have a rough time managing their bladder and learning to sleep alone or sleep in a crate. One strategy is to wake your puppy up before it starts barking to take it outside to go potty.


Your dog also might be responding to disturbances outside. For example, if their bed is near a window or patio door, they might get distracted if they see animals outside. They also might be distracted by the sound of a household appliance during the night, like the HVAC system.

Separation Anxiety

Dogs are pack animals and can get anxious and nervous when separated from their owners. This is especially noticeable for dogs that are still getting used to sleeping alone. If you don’t mind, you can try putting the dog bed in your bedroom so they feel less anxious when sleeping. Older dogs may also prefer to sleep near their owners.

What to Do About My Dog Barking at Night

If your dog is not distressed or injured, the best way to get them to stop barking is to stop rewarding the behavior. Check on the barking dog as quickly as possible, so it doesn’t learn to associate barking with getting attention. Eventually, the behavior should stop.

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