Three Fun & Easy Dog Tricks for Beginners You Can Do at Home

Teaching your dog a few new tricks is a great way to impress your friends and family while giving you quality time with your four-legged companion. However, many novice dog owners don’t know which commands to start with or how to train their canines correctly. That’s why Dan Gentile Dog Training Center put together a few easy dog tricks for beginners.

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Three Easy Dog Tricks for Beginners

Teaching your dog new tricks provides more benefits than you might think. It stimulates their brain, makes them more obedient, and can even improve their behavior. Below are some easy dog tricks for beginners.

1. Sit

One of the first commands you should teach your dog is to sit. The sit command acts as the basis for several other tricks and is the easiest instruction to teach during dog training.

To teach your dog the sit command, put them on a leash and hold a treat over their head. You want the leash tight enough to prevent the dog from jumping but loose enough to allow movement. Next, tell them to sit until they obey the command.

Once the dog sits, give them a treat for positive reinforcement. Continue the process until they sit without the treat.

2. Paw Shake

Once your dog masters the sit command, it can learn how to shake paws. Tell your furry friend to sit while holding a treat inside a closed hand. After they sit, command them to shake, and wait until your dog sniffs and paws your hand. Once they paw at your hand without pulling away, give them the treat and repeat the process.

Eventually, your dog will paw at your hand every time you tell them to shake.

3. Stay

Teaching your dog how to stay will improve their impulse control, build trust, and improve their overall behavior.

Simply tell your dog to stay in a stern voice and take a few steps backward. If they stay, give them a treat or praise them to let them know they did a good job. Repeat the process while increasing the distance between you and your dog each time until they understand the command and stay without a treat or positive reinforcement.

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