How to Stop Dog from Jumping on People: A Short Guide

How to Stop Dog from Jumping on People: A Short Guide

Does your dog get excited when you have company and jump on people when greeting them? Some people may welcome your pet’s energy and excitement, but it is not always appropriate or desired behavior, especially for a child or older individual who can fall over. This short guide will inform you on how to stop your dog from jumping on people so you can permanently squash the jumping behavior.

Howell’s dog training program can teach your dog to stop engaging in unwanted behaviors. Learn from our guide and contact The Dan Gentile Dog Training Center for further assistance training your overexcited pup. According to the American Kennel Club, dogs recognize people through their scents, often jumping to reach the face, so redirection at an early age can prevent this habit.

Teaching Your Dog an Alternative Greeting Method

If your dog jumps on people, you want to determine an alternative method of greeting that they can learn and perform instead. It is up to you what your dog should do, but teaching them positive reinforcement when they behave well is critical.

Want to know how to stop a dog from jumping on people? Try either of these training methods.

1. Four on the Floor

Provide your dog with treats and allow them to eat them on the floor. Bring another person into the room to greet the dog, then exit the situation. Repeat this technique until your dog gets no treats and only attention for lying down.

Your dog will master four on the floor and politely greet guests and strangers without jumping, as they learn it is bad behavior.

2. Sitting

Teaching your dog to sit as a greeting enforces that this position will earn them attention and that deviating from it will stop attention. Command your dog to sit, and if they stand up, walk away and ask again. Praise and pet them when the sitting is continuous, and extend the excitement of your interactions.

Preventing Your Dog from Jumping

You can also prepare for your guest’s arrival by training your dog to go to its crate, placing them in another room and slowly introduce them, or holding them on a leash to  stop the jumping as soon as it starts. You must clearly show your pet that you are the alpha and that the jumping behavior will not result in a reward.

Turning away when your dog jumps and giving it attention when it does not can help show your dog right and wrong. Everyone in your home must carry the same standard for the training to be effective. Your dog will recognize that sitting or lying down is rewarded and jumping is not.

Train Your Pup Effectively with The Dan Gentile Dog Training Center

Now that you know how to stop a dog from jumping on people, you will feel more comfortable inviting friends and family into your home without embarrassment or stress. If your attempts aren’t working, consider enrolling in Dan Gentile’s training center for dogs in Howell Township, NJ. Contact us for a personal consultation by visiting our website or calling (732) 938-5040.