Whistle Training for Dogs – Tips for Perfect Recall

A Guide To Effective Whistle Training for Dogs

Do you want your dogs to obey your commands from a distance? Whistle training for dogs is the answer you need.

As a highly regarded canine training center in NJ, The Dan Gentile Dog Training Center can help whistle-train your dog using the following tips. Dan brings over 40 years of experience as a dog behaviorist and trainer to produce excellent results and help you better understand your dog.

What Is Whistle Training?

Whistle training is a centuries-old technique for training dogs to obey commands. It’s a method perfected by shepherds who need to command their dogs from long distances.

It relies on training your dog to respond to different pitches and blasts in certain ways. For example, one series of pitches can order the dog to drive a herd to the right while another orders them to turn the animals left. Today, even the average pet owner finds whistle training useful.

Modern forms of whistle training use a Galton’s Whistle, commonly known as a dog whistle, which emits ultrasonic waves that dogs can hear but humans cannot. This means you can accomplish the same goals without causing a disruption.

The Benefits of Whistle Training

Why should you perform whistle training for dogs? It has several benefits for your dog and your relationship with them, including the following:

  • Because a dog whistle is high-pitched, it can cut through much of the noise and voices that would otherwise distract your dog.
  • Dogs aren’t used to hearing a whistle, so it acts as a novel experience and immediately engages them.
  • Whereas people can’t always control the pitch of their voice, a dog whistle always makes the same sound.
  • Because verbal commands often use words you use daily, dogs can become desensitized to them, but that won’t happen with a whistle.
  • With whistle training, your dog won’t get confused if they have multiple trainers with different voices.
  • Whistle commands keep your dog healthy and safe because you can recall them and give them commands from longer distances than hand signals or your voice can carry.

Tips for Effective Whistle Training

For the most effective whistle training, follow these tips.

Have a Process

Training your dog is a process that requires conditioning them to the whistle commands. When they do something right, reward your dog. When they do something wrong, redirect them.

Start by using force commands and then combine them with the whistle. Once your dog masters that, switch to using the whistle alone.

Stay Consistent

Once you establish a command, you can’t change it. If two blasts mean come, then it must always mean come. Changing the commands confuses your dog and resets your progress.

Let The Dan Gentile Dog Training Center Whistle Train Your Dog

Are you interested in whistle training for dogs? From helping you understand why your dog barks at night to teaching your dog how to respond to the whistle, The Dan Gentile Dog Training Center can help you have a more fulfilling relationship with your beloved pet. Our certified trainers use world-class expertise and first-class facilities to produce well-behaved dogs. Call (732)-938-5040 to learn more.