My Dog Follows Me Everywhere & Stares at Me

My Dog Follows Me Everywhere & Stares at Me—What Do I Do?

Most owners have, at some point, found their dogs to be a bit too attached to them. For some dogs, it’s a phase that passes fairly quickly. For others, it’s a daily occurrence.

As a dog owner, the last thing you need is your dog following you around when you’re trying to get ready for a busy day at work. You also don’t want him creeping you out with cold stares.

If you find yourself in that situation, you’ll be on your phone searching for “my dog follows me everywhere and stares at me” or discussing it with a colleague. So, what are the reasons for these behaviors? Your number one provider of dog training services in New Jersey will explore them.

Your Dog Wants Dinner or Some Playtime

Dogs remember daily routines. If you constantly feed yours at the same time of the day or take him for a walk at the same time every morning, he will become excited around those periods and will follow you around, expecting the same reward.

He Wants Some Attention

Dogs love attention from their owners—especially when treats always follow. He can also sit in a corner and stare. These pack animals want to constantly feel like a part of something.

He Is Scared 

Dogs don’t like certain noises, such as thunderstorms and fireworks. Don’t be surprised if yours follows you during a storm.

You’re the alpha in your dog’s eyes. Therefore, he will look to you for protection and may stare while reading your body language.

He Has Separation Anxiety

Dogs with separation anxiety will follow their owners everywhere and panic when alone. If you think to yourself, “My dog follows me everywhere and stares at me,” it may be time for a visit to the vet.

He Is Bored

A dog with nothing exciting to do may follow you around more or stare at you in anticipation of some action.

He Is Trying To Communicate

If your dog suddenly starts following you everywhere, pay attention to see if he will lead you somewhere.

He Has Vision or Hearing Difficulties

Older dogs try to compensate for failing sight, sense of smell, or hearing by staying close to their owners. It’s the best way for your canine companion to ensure they can hear and see you.

He Is Adapting to a New Environment

Changing an environment or home can be stressful for these social animals. If you’ve completed a move recently, your dog may follow you around for a while until he becomes more comfortable in the new environment.

Get Expert Help From Your Local Dog Training Center

Do you find yourself thinking, “My dog follows me everywhere and stares at me”? It may be time to request expert help from a dog trainer. Dogs imprinting on humans is another reason for clingy behavior.

We will evaluate the dog’s behavior and explore ways to correct it through positive reinforcement. We will also recommend medical treatment where necessary. 

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