Why Does My Dog Urinate When Excited and How to Stop It?

Why Does My Dog Urinate When Excited?

Many dog owners have to clean up small puddles of urine when they greet their dog after a period away or rile up the pooch’s playful side. If you find yourself in this situation often, you’re probably wondering, “Why does my dog urinate when excited?” In this guide, we’ll explain the reasons for excitement urination and what you can do to prevent it.

If your dog urinates when excited, consider enrolling them in canine training in NJ. Working with professional dog trainers can help you and your four-legged friend learn how to overcome common challenges like excitement urination.

Consider Your Dog’s Age

Puppies and younger dogs often lose control of their bladder when they get excited. As they mature, dogs become better at calming themselves down and shouldn’t have this issue. Devote the proper time to train puppies not to urinate when they greet you or during indoor playtime, and they will become adult dogs who don’t have problems with excitement urination.

However, if your adult dog has seemingly outgrown this behavior but still urinates inside the house, it could indicate a health problem. Follow the necessities of proper pet care and bring them to the vet to rule out issues like:

  • Urinary tract infections
  • Kidney disease
  • Bladder stones or inflammation

Give Your Dog Enough Exercise

Aside from “Why does my dog urinate when excited?” one of the most common questions pet owners have about excitement urination is, “How can I keep my dog from urinating inside?” Experts recommend ensuring your dog gets plenty of exercise.

Take them on long walks daily so they not only empty their bladder outside but also associate urinating with the outdoors. You’ll be less likely to clean up small drops of urine in the house if your dog receives sufficient exercise.

Help Dogs Remain Calm

Excited dogs may have a hard time settling down, but their owners play a big role in keeping them calm. Say your dog gets overly excited when you return home. Avoid direct eye contact and don’t greet or interact with the dog until they calm down.

Provide Positive Reinforcement

House training a puppy and controlling excitement urination takes time. Don’t scold your young dog if they happen to have an accident in the house. Instead, practice positive reinforcement every time they empty their bladder outside.

This may involve giving them treats, petting their head, or speaking to them in a positive tone.

Receive Expert Dog Training in New Jersey

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